You’re never too old for a birthday cake

Published : 08/12/2008 15:05:17
Categories : Party Planning and Entertainment

A conversation held the other night around the dinner table, is what led me to write this article. The wife and I were talking about birthdays and when you are just too old to stop celebrating.  The conversation led to a long debate, as my wife obviously has different opinions to me on this subject matter. My opinion is that you simply are never too old for a birthday and when your age creeps up a year, a perfect way to celebrate is with a party and a scrummy birthday cake packed full of candles to show off your new age. On the other hand my wife seems to have the opinion that women should not tell people their age once they pass the age of 20!  In fact she got so upset at the mention of me organising a party for her upcoming 50th birthday that I decided to cut the conversation short. Between you and me though, I took the risky decision to go ahead with a few birthday arrangements anyway...she's going to kill me! I'v organised a fantastic 50th birthday cake to be delivered along with the party accessories to decorate a local function suite which I actually pre booked about a year ago. I'm hoping that after the initial shock a few glasses of wine and some birthday cake, that she'll forgive me and in time look back on the event with fond memories. But if the wine, birthday cake and festivities don't work, I'll pull out my ace card and distract her with the tickets for the cruise I'v booked for her surprise birthday pressie – hopefully my get out of jail free card! I can but hope.

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