Young ones deserve a New Years Party too

Published : 23/12/2008 08:25:58
Categories : Seasonal Parties

Most children under the age of 5 often miss out on the fun of New Years because they are too young to make it until midnight; either that or they are left with the babysitter while their parents go out to celebrate.  If you have young children, this year consider giving them a fun treat by hosting a pre-New Year's party for them. To do this, consider hosting a party between 10.30 and 14.00 of New Years Eve using noon as their "New Years" This allows them some time to arrive and play before and after the clock strikes 12.  At the door, you can hand out party bags for the children filled with noisemakers, kazoos and New Years Eve hats.  You can also hang a New Years Eve banner above the door or in the party room to help set the mood. You can decorate the play room where your child will be during the party with streamers and other fun new years party decorations like scene setters and have festive music playing throughout the event.  Setting up a buffet for the kid's is easy, just keep it simple and purchase pizza and some finger foods to keep them going.  Of course, make sure you have a large clock in the room so the children can count down the time with you and perhaps mark the twelve with a large arrow, so they know what they are waiting for. To give them a great celebration and the joy of an actual New Years party, you can fill up two large bags with latex balloons, and have a couple of parents standing by to help you hold them up high.  Have the children count down from ten once the clock reaches 11:59 and at noon, you can release the balloons and watch as the kids go crazy trying to pop them.  It may not be quite New Years yet, but it will be a party that your young children will look forward to next year when maybe it'll be the real thing.

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