Your 18th Birthday? Better Make A Note Of These Weird Laws

Published : 03/08/2010 21:32:37
Categories : Party Themes and Occasions

An 18th birthday party is the perfect time to invite one or two quiet friends around for a glass of squash and perhaps a madcap game of charades. Then again, perhaps an 18th birthday party is the chance to go wild and celebrate becoming a legal adult by doing all the things you weren't legally allowed to do as a child. For some, their 18th birthday is an occasion they can look back on fondly with happy memories and a few funny stories.

For others, their 18th birthday is an occasion they're sure they must have attended. Of course, reaching the age of eighteen does bring rewards. There are plenty of things you can suddenly do now that you're no longer a mere 17 year old. For example, you can now vote in local and general elections (in other words, you're now jointly to blame for pretty much everything in the country), you can stand for election as a Member of Parliament, as a local councillor or even run as Mayor.

Alternatively, your 18th birthday could be cause for celebration now that you're legally old enough to get married without parental permission, you can buy or rent 18 rated films, or even get a tattoo. Of course, one of the ever popular benefits of turning 18 is that you can now legally buy alcoholic drinks in pubs or bars, although for many people the fact that it is now legal somewhat takes the fun out of it. However, there are a few downsides to turning 18, with some responsibilities you need to consider, depending on where you live. For example, in Arizona it is illegal once you turn 18 to smile in public if you have more than one tooth missing. If you find yourself in Indiana, then beware, because once you hit 18 you're legally obliged to work six days a year on public roads.

However the good news is that if you live in Washington you're no longer required to obtain parental permission to throw tear gas canisters. Yes, all those laws are totally genuine! They're almost as bizarre as many of the ideas people come up with for the perfect eighteenth birthday party. It really is a chance to pull out all the stops and have the time of your life. Standing on the bridge that spans childhood and adulthood, the world is your oyster (whatever that means - presumably that your world looks like a calcified bivalve mollusc - in which case, you have my sympathy.) One thing is for certain: an 18th birthday party needs balloons.

Lots of balloons. Really, seriously silly balloons, big helium balloons (and not just for the obligatory squeaky voices session later), and of course banners, table confetti and, well perhaps just a few more balloons. We can help with either a traditional 18th birthday balloon, or perhaps a humorous foil balloon. When it comes to 'Happy 18th' banners we can provide a whole range of different types and styles. Of course, where you stick the 18th birthday banners is up to you. Perhaps on the windows, gift wrapped over the entire car, taped across the bedroom door to prevent escape or something subtle such as on every window on the house.

Of course, announcing your 18th does have its problems - especially if your regular barman sees the banners! When you're giving a birthday gift for someone who's turning 18 it makes a great finishing touch to tie an 18th birthday balloon to the present - you're sure to be remembered as the one who gave them that particular present, even if they don't remember a great deal else!

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