Zero the Hero

Published : 19/02/2009 13:17:26
Categories : Party Themes and Occasions

Our family sat down for dinner this evening, I asked my five year old daughter how her day at school was. Before answering, she first reminded me that she was now five and a half years old, not just five years old. She then proceeded to tell me about her One Hundred Days party and Zero the Hero.   I had no idea what this party was about. She explained that they celebrated their one hundredth day of school today. I asked what they did to celebrate, and she said that Zero the Hero came to visit them. Now, my son is in his third year at this school. My daughter is in her first. My wife volunteers at the school. I know several of the teachers. I had never heard of Zero the Hero.

Apparently Zero the Hero shows up every ten days (because the count of days ends in a zero) and gives treats to the kids. He dresses in a costume with zeros all over it, and has a cape. He claims that he can fly, but not indoors. He passes out small toys like the ones in party bags and sweets that are round, like zeros. I asked my son if he knew about Zero the Hero, and I was told, "oh yea, he's been around forever". I couldn't believe that I had never seen or heard about him.

He may have been the star, but the party had other events too. Everyone brought in 100 things. My daughter brought in 100 smiley stickers. Other kids brought 100 pencils, or 100 sweets. The kids had counting projects all based on the number 100. My wife visited for a short time, and confirmed that everyone had a good time. I still cannot believe that I never heard of Zero the Hero, though. It makes me wonder what else I am missing out on at that school.

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