Lazy Bed Birthday Cake - For Him

It’s funny how so many people put off going to bed for as long as possible yet once under the covers they refuse to get out, no matter how long the daylight has been burning! This lazy bed cake is the ideal birthday cake for anyone you know who has a love affair with their duvet, and who is most definitely not a morning person.

This particular figure is lying sprawled under the cover, limbs splayed out and hair awry. A hand here, a leg there – and sitting curled up at the foot of a bed is a cat.

We can fully customise this cake for you if you wish, such as the colour of the cat, the colour of the person's hair and of course the birthday message written on the carpet right next to the rather scruffy looking bed. Just make sure that they're out of bed and feeling human before you tease them mercilessly with this hilarious birthday cake.

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Lazy Bed Birthday Cake

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