Dragon and Castle Cake

You’d need to be a brave knight or damsel to get past this fearsome dragon and castle cake. With his scaly wings unfurled and long scaled tale draped around the turrets and battlements of his castle, this dragon definitely knows who’s boss.

Both boys and girls love fairy tales and enchanting stories of dragons, castles, knights and princesses, and this cake does for all. From princess parties to knights and castles, this cake is ideal for a wide range of some of the more popular themes for children’s parties. The blue dragon against the grey stone effect of the castle is extremely eye-catching, and the amount of detail on both the dragon and the castle is amazing.

From each of the four turrets of the castle stands a proud pennant or flag, on which a number can be written representing the age of your child. In addition, a personalised message can be written on the grass in front of the castle doors.

So what is it that this fearsome dragon is guarding? We rather suspect that this particular dragon has a sweet tooth, because underneath the battlements and brickwork lies a treasure made of either chocolate or vanilla cake. A worthy prize for any knight, damsel or princess indeed!

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