Castle Cake

The portcullis is down and the battlements are armed on this imposing looking castle cake that’s fit for a king or queen. Sitting resplendent behind the protection of a deep looking moat, this ivy strewn castle looks very much as though it has stood the test of time.

At the top of each of the four towers, one at each corner, flags flutter to indicate perhaps that his Lordship or her Ladyship is at home. We suspect that soldiers, archers and knights are standing ready to defend their honour. This is the perfect cake for any child having a knights and castles themed birthday party, or perhaps a princess birthday party. Castles feature in so many fairy tales and popular stories, and the detail on this cake will certainly get their imaginations going.

We are not surprised that this castle cake is so well fortified, because we happen to know that behind the stonework and underneath the castellated towers and turrets lies real treasure - in the form of either a delicious chocolate or vanilla cake. Look out, was that the sound of a dragon’s wing beating in the distance?

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Castle Cake

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