Red Dragon and Castle Cake

Knights needs to be at the ready, and princesses need to be wary, because this castle is guarded by a fearsome looking dragon. This Red Dragon and Castle cake is perfect for any budding Knight or Princess, and has an incredible amount of detail.

The Castle itself consists of two tiers, both of which have an imposing yet elegant turret at each corner, meaning that there are eight turrets or towers in total. Each of the turrets has a flag flying, on which the age of your child can be written. The castle has two entrances, a lower and an upper entrance, with the lower entrance providing security in the form of a portcullis and a drawbridge to help cross the moat which surrounds this impressive fort.

But perhaps none of this security is anything compared to the ferocity of the red dragon sitting astride the castle as though he was its owner. Indeed, perhaps he is. His bright red scaly body, impressive wings and long barbed tail definitely mean business, and we’re sure it’s no coincidence that his large head hangs down over the entrance.

If your child is a fan of knights and castles, or is having a knights and princesses themed birthday party then this is the perfect cake for the occasion.

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Red Dragon and Castle Cake

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