Lego Birthday Cake - Bad Cop

Is your child is still singing the “Everything is Awesome” song from the Lego Movie? If so then this Bad Cop Lego cake may be the perfect thing to pop in their mouth for a bit of peace and quiet!

The Lego Movie has been enormously popular, and one of the most memorable characters from the film was of course Good Cop Bad Cop, voiced by Liam Neeson. Originally with two faces, one on each side of his head, he could either portray a good and friendly cop, or a rather mean bad cop depending upon which way round his head was. Unfortunately when Lord Business rubbed out his good cop face he became something of a baddie. However, with his good face scribbled back on, perhaps all was not lost after all.

This amazing Lego figure birthday cake features Bad Cop in his traditional uniform, and with his bad face showing. We don’t recommend that you try to turn his head round to face the other way though, as this is a cake, not real Lego! This particular Bad Cop Lego cake is definitely a good cop inside, because he is made from your choice of either chocolate or vanilla sponge. It also comes armed with a personalised message for your child.

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