Smurfs Cake

Did you know that the Smurfs have been around since 1958? Today they are every bit as popular, with their own movies and TV series, and this Smurfs cake is perfect for any child who is a fan of these funny little blue creatures.

This amazing cake looks very much as though it has come straight from the Smurfs’ little village hidden away in the woods out of sight of Gargamel the evil wizard. This cake is made of two different layers, the first layer being the main cake itself which looks like a tree trunk on which grass or moss is growing, and on top of this is a perfect little replica of a Smurf’s toadstool house.

A little door at the front shows the way in, with the shutters open at the window above showing Smurfette looking out from the top. Next to this little house is Papa Smurf, with four other Smurfs sitting all around amongst the grass and flowers. Perhaps your child can recognise one or two of them, especially Greedy Smurf sitting with his own birthday cake.

A beautiful sign outside the house can include your child’s name, making it almost look as though it’s their own Smurf house. The amount of detail included in this Smurfs birthday cake is amazing, from the leaves and flowers to the little ladder, and every little Smurf’s detailed expression. Just make sure you keep this cake safely out of sight of any evil wizards lurking nearby.

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