Computer Game Character Cake

Is your child about to level up by having yet another birthday? Are they into their computer games? If the answer to both those questions is yes, then this computer game character cake is definitely the way to celebrate the occasion.

This birthday cake includes two of the most popular and successful computer game characters, Mario from Super Mario Bros, and Sonic from Sonic the Hedgehog.

Both of these characters are sitting on the cake which has been decorated to look very much like the computer platform game screen these characters can be found leaping across. Your child’s age will be written on this pretend computer game screen, making it look as though they have just reached that particular level.

This computer game birthday cake can be further personalised with your choice of message written on top, and is available as either a chocolate or vanilla sponge. The two characters, Mario and sonic, are incredibly detailed and very faithful reproductions of the actual characters, meaning that there will be no doubt at all who they are. Just try not to get too concerned about the fact that your child seems to be levelling up faster every year.

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Computer Game Character Cake

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It was just how I wanted it and my son absolutely love it, thank you so much

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