Lego Cake - Pink Unikitty

Lego Cake - Pink Unikitty

This Pink Unikitty Lego Cake finished with a little glitter - just right for a little girls who adores unicorns and Lego of course. Complete with a birthday wish iced onto the board.


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If there’s one character from the Lego movie who knows how to party and have fun with friends it’s Unikitty. If your child is having a birthday party and is a fan of the Lego movie, then this pink Unikitty birthday cake is an absolute must.

Unikitty is one of the most popular and memorable characters from the Lego movie, being a cross between a unicorn and a pink cartoon cat. She lived in Cloud Cuckoo Land, which was the capital of rainbows and puppies (before Lord Business and Bad Cop destroyed it).

One of the most loyal and upbeat characters, she proved particularly popular with children because of her positive outlook, and the way she stuck with Emmett all the way through.

This large Lego Unikitty cake has been modelled exactly on the figure from the movie, with her large square head, pink ears, large eyes and pink body. All of the details included in the movie and in the real Lego mini figure have been included, although rather than being made of plastic, this particular Unikitty is made of either chocolate or vanilla sponge, which we’re sure will go down well at the party.

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