Cake Delivery Information

Our deliveries are usually made on Thursdays and Fridays but you may notice that on occasion the delivery calendar viewable on each product page, may show that we are delivering on other days of a particular week. This is usually on the lead up to, or over a holiday period.

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All our fabulous cakes are freshly baked to order then crafted into a fabulous cake creation for your special event. To ensure they arrive to you in the best possible condition we offer our customers a free delivery service, delivering in person, never by courier, from Southend on Sea in Essex.

If you are sending a greetings card or adding candles, please note that these will be delivered along side your cake and as such there is no additional delivery charge.

When ordering a cake for delivery either by phone, email or online, we ask our customers to be aware that it is the responsibility of the person purchasing the cake to ensure that there will be someone available to receive this fresh perishable item on the requested delivery date.

We will call or text the day before advising of your anticipated delivery time. Please allow 1 hour either side of this time when planning your day. We do not provide guaranteed time slots, your delivery time is based on the size of the cake delivery round for that day. As such, we would strongly recommend you to choose a delivery day prior to the day of your party where at all possible - remember, your cake keeps fresh at room temperature for one week and will be absolutely fine for a party the following day.

We regret that we are unable to change this time and must also advise that with regret is not possible for re-deliveries to be made if the recipient is out.

We deliver our fabulous cakes in person across the South East of England. Check out the counties we cover here

What are the options if it transpires that no one will be in to receive the cake during the advised delivery period?

When we contact the recipient the day before delivery they do have the option to request that we either:

  1. Deliver to a neighbour during the allotted delivery slot (1 hour either side of your delivery time) specifying the house number for delivery.
  2. Advise of an alternative delivery address within a 3 mile radius where we can deliver to during the allocated delivery time.
  3. Advise of a safe clean weather proof area such as a porch (or neighbours porch) where the cake can be safely left at your risk.

In the case where we have delivered to a neighbour we will either send you a text advising the address where your cake has been delivered.

A signature is required upon delivery. Please note that we do not take any responsibility for cakes that are left in a designated area at your request be they damaged, missing or spoilt as a result of the weather, pets, pests or any other external factors or incident. Please bear this in mind when choosing a location. Additionally please be aware that if we are of the opinion that the designated delivery area is wholly unsuitable and likely to cause damage to the cake (or driver) or spoil the cake in any way, that we reserve the right to refuse delivery to that allocated delivery area. As you would expect we would always make every effort to contact you so that the problem may be resolved as quickly as possible.

When we deliver your cake we will ask you to take a look. Please ensure you are happy with its condition before signing.

If all else fails

In the event that we arrive with your cake and unexpectedly find that no one is in and where we have not received alternative delivery instructions, we will try to contact you by phone or try to deliver to a neighbour or we will leave your cake in a suitable weather proof place if this seems possible. We do not take responsibility for cakes that have to be left under these circumstances.

So sorry but we have to make our customers aware, that whilst we always make every effort to deliver, if despite all our efforts we are unable to find someone to take delivery or somewhere safe from the elements to leave the cake, it then becomes the responsibility of the person who purchased the cake to arrange collection. We regret that we are unable to offer redelivery that day, any other day or offer a refund under such circumstances. However our customers are the best and so we are very pleased to say that we have never encountered such an occasion to date.

When I am advised of my delivery time, is this time guaranteed?

Sadly no. Whilst we are usually pretty accurate with our delivery times we do ask our customers to allow 1 hour either side of the delivery time just to be extra sure. Traffic in London and the M25 and incidents on Motorways can affect our delivery, including having to re route, so if for any reason there appears to be a problem and delivery is likely to be outside of the 2 hour time frame your driver will call to advise, or leave a voice message if are unable to get a response.

Your allotted delivery time is based on the size of the cake delivery round for that day. As we do not provide guaranteed time slots, we would strongly recommend you to choose a delivery day prior to the day of your party where at all possible - remember, your cake keeps fresh at room temperature for one week and will be absolutely fine for a party the following day.

What happens if an accident occurs whilst being delivered and my cake gets damaged beyond repair?

In the unlikely case of such an event we would advise the recipient as soon as it became possible to do so. It is with great regret that we would be unable to make your cake again at such short notice. A full refund would be given.

Do you deliver in severe weather conditions?

Bad Weather Policy

We offer a free cake delivery service to our customers. All our cakes are delivered by Parteaz and we deliver in person on your selected delivery date.

However, in the event of severe weather conditions (in either London and/or any of the Home Counties where we deliver to) we reserve the right to deliver your cake to you on the next available day when severe weather conditions have settled.

As such we strongly recommend customers to order their cake for delivery at least one working day ahead of their event. Customers are welcome to arrange their own collection with us which must be agreed with our customer services manager prior to collection.

We are an online company and as such do not operate a walk in retail outlet for collection. We regret that we are unable to offer a refund if we are unable to deliver (or you are unable to collect) your cake in time for your party or event.

Delivery Times in relation to Bad Weather

Our usual practice of texting the day before delivery with your anticipated delivery time (plus or minus one hour) still applies. However, in circumstances where the weather is bad but we are still attempting to get your cake to you as arranged, please bear in mind that it is unlikely that we will be able to keep to these times in any way. In the event that you are out when we deliver we will make every effort to find the nearest safe place/neighbour to leave your cake and text you with the details. A text or note on the door from you advising where we can deliver the cake would be greatly appreciated.

If we are unable to find a neighbour/safe place to leave your cake please note that you will be responsible for arranging collection from our base in Southend, Essex on an alternative date.

What if I feel there is a discrepancy with my cake when I receive my cake?

If for any reason you are not entirely happy with your cake when you receive it then please advise the driver straight away and call customer services on 01702 421900 or email us via our contact us page.