About our Beautiful Cakes

From the moment you pick up the phone and speak with Nicky our trusted customer service manager, both you and your birthday cake idea will be treated like a VIP. We'll take away the risk and the worry and help turn your cake dreams into a reality.

Our Sponge Cakes

Choose between delicious traditional vanilla sponge with a fruit jam and butter cream filling or decedent chocolate sponge with a chocolate flavour coco butter cream filling - it's to die for.

Designing your Cake

With many years of experience between our cake makers you can be reassured that your cake is in the best possible hands. Whether it's a cake from our website or a personalised, bespoke or custom made cake you'll be glad to know that every cake is individually hand crafted and made to order just for you.

Our cakes are made by our very experienced team of decorators who each have their own style and "signature" so cakes may vary slightly from the image shown online but will always be made and decorated to the same high standards our returning customers have come to expect from us over the years.

Let us help to create a magical cake experience that will be the centrepiece for your party and that your guests will still remember in years to come.

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Customise and Tweak your Cake Design

When ordering any of our cakes online, it may be helpful to know that you can now use the tweak and customise box to let us know if you would like us to customise your cake for you. We are more than happy to change a theme, e.g. from Spiderman to Batman, change a colour e.g. base colour from red to blue or tweak the design of any of any our cakes for you e.g. change the stripy pattern on the top cake tier to polka dots. There is generally no charge for this service.

Please note however that multiple changes to design and colours, very specific detailing requests or changes, requests for extra models or tiers, additional diamantes, age cake toppers or picks, jewellery etc will be chargeable. Additionally, should you require us to work from an image/photo to add in details there will also be an additional charge. In this instance we will contact you to discuss and advice of these charges which will be payable in full by 11am two days prior to your required delivery day. Please note that in the event where additional chargeable work has not been paid for by this time that we will revert back to the original cake design on our website.

Our fabulous cake decorators will always do their best to tweak you cake as requested when ever possible. However we ask our customers to bear in mind that any alteration requests are made at the cake decorator's discretion and sometimes it may not be possible to meet all requests. This can be due to a number of reasons including but not limited to -

  • the cake size ordered (not enough space on the cake size ordered to make all requested changes)
  • problems that would become apparent with transportation (standing models will nearly always be customised to a sitting or laying stance to avoid toppling in transit)
  • simply that the request would not be possible with the cake type ordered e.g. black and white checks on a round or globe shaped cake etc.

IMPORTANT NOTICE – should you require multiple changes to one of the featured cakes on our website then we will treat this as a “new” bespoke cake and you will need to contact us by email or call to order. We will then advise of the price based on the size and work required.

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Ordering your Cake

We understand that it's not always possible for our customers to order well ahead of time. Sometimes you just need a cake in a hurry and we think we can help. So, as a rule you can usually order any of our cakes of our website right up to 11a.m two working days prior to your chosen Thursday or Friday delivery day. Remember, our deliveries are free.

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Nut Allergies

Our cakes are made in an area where nuts are present so please be aware that even where nuts are not used we can not guarantee nut free. We occasionally decorate cakes with chocolates that may contain nuts, or chocolates, sweets and other sundries that may have been produced in an area where nuts are present. Some of the products used to make our cakes have been made in factories that contain nuts, therefore these may contain traces of nuts.

Allergens Labelling

Our cakes contain wheat/gluten, milk, eggs and may contain traces of nut and soya. Your Cake box will have a label indicating the following allergens -

Cereals/wheat/gluten, milk, eggs, soya

and additionally, a second label regarding nut allergens stating the following "Cakes are made in an environment where nuts are present. Therefore this product may contain nuts"

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Gluten Free, Dairy Free and Eggless Cakes

We are unable to offer Gluten Free, Dairy Free or Eggless cakes at this time.

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For maximum freshness our sumptuous vanilla sponge cupcakes should be consumed within 2-3 days following delivery. Please bear this in mind when ordering.

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Shoe Cakes

To be sure that you get just the right shoe design you are looking for, please allow a good weeks notice when ordering as these are professionally crafted by hand and take some considerable time to make dry and set.

In the case where a shoe cake has been ordered with less than 1 weeks notice, (including one from our website) and this shoe is not available, we will automatically replace with a shoe of similar design.

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Sending us an image

When sending an image of a cake you have seen elsewhere, please note that due to copyright and also professional courtesy, we will not make an exact copy of the image supplied. We wish to manage our customer's expectations and make you aware that you can expect to see a few design differences between that of the picture sent and the cake supplied.

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Cakes Sizes

Custom made cakes

Each cake is hand made and sculpted to create your chosen design. Cakes usually start out as square but are cut and crafted to create your design, so some cake may be lost in this process. As such the portion guides documented alongside each of our cakes are rough guides only based on what we consider to be a reasonable and not too skimpy sized portion!

Square and round cake size and approximate portions

  • 6 inch = 10-12 portions
  • 8 inch = 15-20 portions
  • 10 inch = approx 30-35 portions
  • 12 inch = approx 50-60 portions
  • Deep cakes are made with a third layer so expect around 50% more portions than the above.

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Personalised Cakes and Photo Cakes.

Square in shape and 3- 3.5 inches deep.

  • 5 inch = 6-8 portions
  • 7inch = 12-16 portions
  • 9 inch = 20-30 portions
  • 11 inch = 45-55 portions

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Storing your Cake

All our cakes are made, sculpted and decorated on the run up to our deliveries so are perfect for parties over the weekend and into the following week.

Please store your cake in a cool dry place but not in the fridge.

Once you have cut your cake should you have any left after your party we recommend that you keep it in a sealed air tight container.

Because we pride ourselves on our customer reputation and satisfaction it's really important to us that our customers receive the freshest product possible. So that you experience your cake at its very best we recommend you consume your cake within 6 days of delivery or at the earliest opportunity particularly during the hotter summer months.

For optimum freshness we recommend that cupcakes are best consumed within 2-3 days from delivery.

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