About Us

Roger Helen and the children taking a cake break on holiday in Florida.

This is us in a family photo on holiday in Florida with our two children Zodi and Joseph, aged 12 and9 (where did the years go!).

Founded by Roger and Helen in 2006, Parteaz and its fabulous team of bakers and cake decorators have been conjuring up magnificent birthday cakes for the past 9 years.

Starting out with just a small range of cakes on offer, we quickly became aware of just what it was our customers wanted; personalised birthday cakes with a wow factor, service levels to rival the impeccable standards of John Lewis and a cake company they could trust in every single time.

It wasn’t enough to simply make the best cakes imaginable, we had to do more. Direct contact with our customers became an essential part of our online business, placing them at the centre of everything we did. Email communications were great but having a dedicated expert to speak with at the end of the telephone would be much better. It would give our customers the reassurance they deserved and needed when making such an important purchase such as their child’s christening or birthday cake.

We realised that after all, you can’t have those precious moments back. Quality, service and reliability became our mantra.

…along came Nicky

Like a whirling dervish Nicky miraculously came to us in 2010 and not before time in 2013, became our customer service manager. This is the lovely lady herself.

Placing our trust in her to give the highest standards of customer service was easy. Her enthusiasm and attention to detail was amazing but the thing we admired the most was that she really genuinely cared about every single customer and every detail of their cake.

We called this the “Nicky experience” and that’s exactly what our customers still get every time they call.

…trust in our skilled cake decorators

Our skilled team with over 80 years of experience between them are passionate about creating imaginative birthday cakes and love nothing more than being given a brief before setting to work to create a spectacular party centrepiece. A conscious decision was made to always bake fresh and from scratch every time, no packet mixes for us and we would never freeze our cakes.

Parteaz Customer Service Manager Nicky here to take your cake enquiries

Nicky - Customer Service Manager

We'll take your birthday cake ideas and turn them into reality with our skilled cake decorators hands

These are the hands that make the magic happen!

…delivering your cake every time

Not content with making the best possible cakes we had to do more. Delivering to our busy customers was the next part in completing the quality end to end service that we aspired to.

The early days

Our first attempts at sending our bespoke birthday cakes by courier were less than successful and we soon realised that to complete the fabulous service that our customers deserved we needed to deliver the cakes ourselves in person. Over a period of time we were able to come up with the best solutions to transporting the cakes to our customers so that they arrived in perfect condition. We even went as far as road testing vans with a cake in the back before we invested in our small but perfectly formed fleet of vehicles.

Delivering today

Today we deliver our cakes in person which allows us to meet our customers face to face. We have to say, it’s the bit we love the most! Seeing your face and your delight when we knock on the door is a fabulous experience for us and the highlight of our cake round.<

If it’s not Roger delivering your cake, it’ll be Helen or one of our other reliable team members. We guarantee whoever delivers your cake will take care of it every step of the way on its journey to you.

…our returning customers

Because we drive the cakes ourselves we get to know our customers in person. It’s a privilege for us when we get invited to return time and time again, delivering birthday cakes for you, your children and your family.

A big thank you to those of you who have grown up with Parteaz, we really do appreciate the loyal custom you have given us over the years.

Company director Roger delivering a Graduation cake to our customer

Roger seen here delivering a Graduation cake to another satisfied customer. Don't worry, your cake will come in a box!!

Roger, Helen, Nicky and the cake team.