Dinosaur Birthday Cake

What do you call a dinosaur birthday cake? A Tea Rex! This amazingly realistic looking dinosaur cake features a highly detailed and textured dinosaur head, complete with piercing eyes and very sharp looking teeth. This cake is so good that we’ve actually seen many children squeal in fear when it’s brought out!

Although the teeth look extremely sharp and dangerous, in fact they’re soft and rather yummy! Rather like this entire cake in fact. Underneath this fearsome dinosaur’s icing scales lies a choice of either a vanilla or chocolate sponge cake.

If your child is a dinosaur enthusiast, and perhaps a fan of the Jurassic Park films, then this is a great choice. You might remember at the end of the first film a Tyrannosaurus Rex stands in the middle of the lobby, and a large red banner flutters down in front of him. Our dinosaur cake also features a red banner, and you can have any message you like written on it. Our specially trained dinosaur security squad can hand deliver this beast to your party anywhere within our catchment area. Palaeontology never tasted so good!

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Dinosaur Birthday Cake

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