Football and Scarf Cake

If your child is a football fan, then this football and scarf cake is perfect, and can be customised for their favourite football team. Although the photograph shows a Chelsea FC football cake, the scarf, logo and colours can be customised for any football team you like, making this cake a real winner.

With a green pitch around the base, your child’s favourite football logo at the front, and a coloured scarf surrounding a very realistic black and white football perched on top, this almost looks like a trophy, not simply a delicious cake for everyone to tuck into.

As well as customising this football and scarf cake for your favourite football team, you can also have a personalised message written around the base, with a miniature football at either end of the message.

If your ‘goal’ is to ‘score’ a win at your child’s football themed birthday party, then we would like to ‘pitch’ this football and scarf cake as a winning team. There are definitely no ‘penalties’ here, although you may want a little ‘extra time’ before you cut into it as almost everyone will probably want a photograph. You probably think this cake description is all over. It is now.

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Football and Scarf Cake

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Fabulous cake, and the detail is fantastic. I always have the chocolate cake which is amazing and very moist

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