Football Match Cake

Is your child a budding footballer, or football fan? If so then getting this amazingly detailed football match cake for them should definitely be your goal.

This great looking football birthday cake features a full football pitch with a goal at each end, and all of the players positioned around the ball. Around the edge of the football pitch are pictures of footballs, and sitting at each corner of the cake is a representative footballer from each team. Finally, your choice of message can be written on the grass between the two footballers.

The amount of detail in this cake is amazing, and your child will probably want to keep the model footballers and goals on top as a souvenir afterwards. Quite what the Premier League matches would be like if they were also played on a pitch that was made from either chocolate or vanilla sponge we’re not sure, but that doesn’t seem a problem for these budding little footballers.

If your child is into football, and perhaps is having a football themed birthday party, then this football match birthday cake is definitely likely to go down even better than a half time orange slice.

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Football Match Cake

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Very lovely, got good comments all round, work of perfection !!

Tasted nice (this is my 4th cake with supplier)

Many thanks

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