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We do not sell or rent your personal information to any third party.


Send a cake as a giftSend a cake as a gift

You can send any of our cakes as a gift to a friend or loved one - they make the perfect birthday present for the person who has everything! Whether you′d like to send an anniversary, a seasonal, festive or maybe a get well soon cake gift, any of our cakes can be themed and sent with your personal message.

Simply order online and tell us in the message box at checkout that it′s a gift and if it′s a surprise. Be sure to add the recipients name and phone number - we will text or call them the day before delivery advising we have a fresh produce gift to deliver, also advising their expected delivery time. All cake deliveries are made on a Friday. Please advise the recipient in advance that we will be contacting them on the Thursday and that they will need to be available to receive their gift on your chosen Friday delivery date.

Add your cake message at checkout, but keep it reasonably short to ensure it fits on the cake. We can always add a card with a separate message advising who the cake is from, plus any other personal message you may wish to add. There′s no extra charge for this service but you will need to let us know in the message box at check out so we can arrange this for you.

Are you within our cake delivery area?Are you within our cake delivery area?

Please enter your delivery postcode using this AA postcode checker.

If you are within 75 miles of postcode SS9 4EN then we will be able to deliver a cake to you. All cakes are delivered on a Friday and delivery is FREE. Get 20% OFF all party supplies including inflated balloon bouquets when you order a cake.

Delivering cakes to Restaurants and Hotels

Some smaller restaurants may have difficulties storing your cake in a cool dry place (not a fridge) so please check whether they are happy to receive a delivery. Please ensure that the restaurant/hotel is open during the day for delivery, providing us with a contact name, phone number and any special delivery instructions.

For a quick check we deliver within the red line outline as shown on the map below.

Ordering last minute?Ordering last minute?

If time has got the better of you, don′t worry. You can usually order any of the cakes on our website up to 11a.m on a Wednesday for a Friday delivery. We may change our deadline on occasion without warning so please try to order as early as possible. For bespoke cakes please try to allow at least one weeks notice to avoid disappointment.

Ordering last minute?20% off Party Supplies when you order a cake

When you add a cake to your basket you′ll automatically get a massive 20% off all your party supplies including

  • Filled Party Bags and party bag fillers
  • Decorations, banners and balloons
  • Helium
  • Tableware
  • Party packs
  • Candles
  • Party accessories

Get 20% off fully inflated balloon bouquets - only £24 when delivered with your cake - perfect for celebrating big birthdays

...its so easy when we deliver them all with your cake and there′s no delivery charge to pay either!

About our beautiful cakesAbout our beautiful cakes

From the moment you pick up the phone and speak with Nicky our trusted customer service manager, both you and your birthday cake idea will be treated like a VIP. We'll take away the risk and the worry and help turn your cake dreams into a reality.

Made using only locally sourced ingredients all our cakes are made from scratch and lovingly baked to order. You won't find a packet mix in our kitchens and we guarantee your cake will never be previously frozen.

Our Sponge Cakes

Choose between delicious traditional vanilla sponge with a fruit jam and butter cream filling or decedent chocolate sponge with a chocolate flavour coco butter cream filling - it's to die for.

Carrot Cake

For a small additional cost why not go for our new recipe carrot cake made with finely shredded carrots, sugar, flour, eggs, vegetable margarine and walnuts for that extra textured bite. Our busy team of cake makers have been working on this new recipe for ages and we think when you try it you'll agree with us that good things really do come to those who wait.

Designing your Cake

With over 80 years of experience between our cake makers you can be reassured that your cake is in the best possible hands. Whether it's a cake from our website or a personalised bespoke birthday cake made to order you'll be glad to know that every cake is individually hand crafted and made to order just for you.

Our cakes are made by a very experienced team of decorators who each have their own style and "signature" so cakes may vary slightly from the image shown online but will always be made and decorated to the same high standards our returning customers have come to expect from us over the years.

Let us help to create a magical cake experience that will be the centrepiece for your party and that your guests will still remember in years to come.

Ordering your Cake

We understand that it's not always possible for our customers to order well ahead of time. Sometimes you just need a cake in a hurry and we think we can help. So, as a rule we can usually take your cake order right up to 11a.m on a Wednesday morning for a Friday delivery the same week!

Nut Allergies

Our cakes are made in an area where nuts are present so please be aware that even where nuts are not used we can not guarantee nut free. We occasionally decorate cakes with chocolates that may contain nuts, or chocolates that may have been produced in an area where nuts are present. Our carrot cake is made with added walnuts and our fruit cake is topped with marzipan so also contains nuts.


For maximum freshness our sumptuous vanilla sponge cupcakes should be consumed on the weekend following your Friday delivery. Please bare this in mind when ordering.

Should you only wish to order cupcakes, we would be happy to help. There is a minimum order of 3 dozen when ordering on their own. Alternatively you can order a minimum of just half a dozen cupcakes when ordering with any of our fabulous cakes. Delivery is free and cupcakes are also delivered on Fridays.

Shoe Cakes

To be sure that you get just the right shoe design you are looking for, please allow a good weeks notice when ordering as these are professionally crafted by hand and take some considerable time to make dry and set.

In the case where a shoe cake has been ordered with less than 3 weeks notice, (including one from our website) and this shoe is not available, we will automatically replace with a shoe of similar design.

Picture Cakes

Please use the contact form page attaching your image and specifying whether you would like an 8, 10 or 12 inch cake. Most pictures are square or rectangular but we would adapt the shape of the cake to fit your picture. Please send the biggest image you can as clarity and sharpness can often be lost especially when enlarging small images.

Please allow 2 weeks notice when ordering a picture cake.

Deep Cakes

Double depth cakes and one and a half depth cakes look really impressive and can be made to order. Please call and speak with Nicky who will be happy to discuss this with you.

Cakes Sizes

Novelty cakes

Each cake is hand made and sculpted to create your chosen design. Cakes start out as square but are cut and crafted to create your design so some cake can be lost in this process. As such the portion guides documented alongside each of our cakes are rough guides only based on what we consider to be a reasonable and not too skimpy sized portion!

Square and round cake size and approximate portions

  • 8 inch = 15-20 portions
  • 10 inch = approx 30-35 portions
  • 12 inch = approx 50-60 portions

Please note that square round and heart shaped cakes are approximately 3 - 3.5 inches deep (8-9cm).

Storing your Cake

All our cakes are made on the run up to our Friday deliveries so are perfect for parties over the weekend period or Monday to Wednesday of the following week.

Please store your cake in a cool dry place but not in the fridge.

We pride ourselves on our customer reputation and satisfaction so it's really important to us that our customers receive the freshest product possible. So that you experience your cake at its very best we recommend you consume your cake within 5 days of delivery and within 48 hours of cutting it. If your cake is not needed until the Tuesday then we recommend you consume within 24 hours after cutting. For cakes not needed until the Wednesday we recommend you cut and consume on the same day.

Customer Reviews


Service rating: Nicky is patient to take the order through phone. Very please with the cake and my daughter loves the duck


Fill them first then bash them and whack ‘em with a buster and listen to the kids squeal with excitement as the pinata gives up its bounty of fillers and treasure!  Pinatas are a great fun party game for both children's and adult's parties.


We have a great selection of great value pinatas for you in popular characters, themes and shapes of all types. We also have pull string pinatas, which are ideal for a younger audience. 


Remember to purchase your all important fillers, blindfold and buster with your Pinata.


Pull String Pinata


For younger children at your party, a Pull String Pinata makes a great fun game and takes away the risk of anyone getting bashed, after all toddlers aren’t exactly renowned for their manual dexterity.


This much gentler party game still gives a thrill of anticipation as young guests take turns pulling the strings, waiting to see if theirs will release the stash of goodies hidden in the piñata hanging above.  

  • Pinata Buster

    Pinata Buster

    Give your pinata a good whack with this essential multicoloured Pinata Buster.

    £3.41 each 17

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    LinnCode: 897 More Details
  • Pinata Blindfold

    Pinata Blindfold

    Where did everybody go then? Make your pinata party game even more exciting with this essential Pinata Blindfold.

    £0.85 each 30

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    LinnCode: 829 More Details
  • Handbag Pinata

    Realistic, stylish Handbag Pinata - great for children's parties or for adults - choose your own prizes.

    £13.67 each 2

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    LinnCode: 2607 More Details
  • Treasure Chest Pinata

    Treasure Chest Pinata

    A Treasure Chest Pinata for your Pirate Party extravaganza. Blind fold your guests and have them walk the plank before attempting to hit the treasure chest with a large basher. Add gold coins and all kinds of booty to thrill your party guests. Take turns in an attempt to free the prizes inside. Supplied empty.

    £15.31 each 0

    LinnCode: 1109 More Details
  • Platform Shoe Pinata

    Platform Shoe Pinata

    Platform Shoe Pinata, ideal for a girls birthday party. Don't forget to pick up your pinata basher to crack it open. Add your choice of pinata treats and fillers.

    £13.67 each 5

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    LinnCode: 900 More Details
  • Tiki Pinata

    Tiki Pinata

    Complete your party entertainment with a Tiki Pinata game. Fill with confetti, water bombs, sweets, in fact anything to amuse and entertain your adult guests. Take turns at hitting this pinata in an effort to release the bounty hidden inside.

    £13.67 each 1

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    LinnCode: 1093 More Details
  • Record Pinata

    Record Pinata

    This Record Pinata works well as a party game for a 50's party or even a H.S.M party for the kids. Take turns in waking it as hard as you can. Fill with your choice of party favours and treats.

    £13.67 each 5

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    LinnCode: 921 More Details
  • Princess Tiara Pinata

    Princess Tiara Pinata

    Princess Tiara Piñata - 18" across, 8" high, silver and pink - perfect for any princess armed with a big stick!

    £15.31 each 2

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    LinnCode: 1917 More Details
  • Dinosaur Stegosaurus Pinata

    Dinosaur Stegosaurus Pinata

    Dinosaur Stegosaurus Pinata in blue. Great party fun. Give it a good bash to release the goodies you've hidden inside. Supplied empty. And ready to fill.

    £15.31 each 3

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    LinnCode: 333 More Details
  • Dinosaur Brontosaurus Pinata

    Dinosaur Brontosaurus Pinata

    This Dinosaur Brontosaurus Pinata comes in green only. Stuff it full of your favourite treats and toys from our great selection of party bag fillers.

    £15.31 each 1

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    LinnCode: 319 More Details
  • Chilli Pepper Pinata

    Chilli Pepper Pinata

    Chilli Pepper Pinata. Great for Mexican themed parties, or even a Wild West party. Add fillers then take turns beating it with a large stick or basher to spill the treasures you have hidden inside. Comes supplied without fillers.

    £13.67 each 4

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    LinnCode: 258 More Details
  • Celestial Moon Pinata

    Celestial Moon Pinata

    Celestial Moon Pinata. Popular family party game where you're required to take turns in bashing the pinata until it breaks open. Fill with sweets and small toys.

    £13.67 each 2

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    LinnCode: 253 More Details
  • Celestial Sun Pinata

    Celestial Sun Pinata

    Celestial Sun Pinata game. Add all kinds of treats then take turns to bash the pinata in an effort to free the bounty inside.

    £13.67 each 2

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    LinnCode: 255 More Details
  • Celestial Star Pinata

    Celestial Star Pinata

    Celestial Star Pinata for your party. A great fun game to play. Don't forget your pinata filler packs and maybe some sweets or confetti to fill it.

    £13.67 each 1

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    LinnCode: 254 More Details
  • Football Pinata

    Football Pinata

    Let them let off steam with this Football Pinata game. Add your childs favourite goodies then take turns bashing the pinata in an effort to release the bounty inside. Perfect entertainment for any Football party theme.

    £14.03 each 3

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    LinnCode: 492 More Details
  • Butterfly Pinata

    Butterfly Pinata

    A smashing party game for kids. This brightly coloured Butterfly Pinata will take some bashing to release the bounty you have stashed in the centre. Supplied empty and ready to fill.

    £15.31 each 3

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    LinnCode: 226 More Details
  • Frog Pinata

    Frog Pinata

    Perfect for any animal themed party, this Frog Pinata makes a great party game for kids. Supplied without fillers. Add sweets and toys of your choice.

    £13.67 each 2

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    LinnCode: 494 More Details
  • Inchworm Pinata

    Inchworm Pinata

    Cute and colourful Inchworm Pinata. A great party game for bashing.

    £13.67 each 2

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    LinnCode: 610 More Details
  • Jukebox Pinata

    Jukebox Pinata

    Colourful Jukebox Pinata. Great fun for children and adults at all kinds of themed parties.

    £13.67 each 1

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    LinnCode: 613 More Details
  • Angel Fish Pinata

    Angel Fish Pinata

    Angel Fish Pinata. Great party game for children and adults. Don't forget to pick up your pinata basher and filler pack too.

    £13.67 each 4

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    LinnCode: 90 More Details
  • Pony Pinata

    Pony Pinata

    Large pony pinata, ideal for a horse lover or animal enthusiast. Perfect game for a children's birthday party.53cm long x 33cm high by 14 cm deep

    £12.95 each 0

    LinnCode: 2123 More Details
  • Pirate Ship Pinata

    Pirate Ship Pinata

    Fantastic pirate ship pinata - ideal for a pirate themed party. Pop some gold coins inside for a smashing time!

    £14.55 each 2

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    LinnCode: 2186 More Details
  • Cactus Pinata

    Cactus Pinata

    Hilarious prickly cactus pinata, supplied empty, perfect for Wild West or Mexican themed parties.

    £11.50 each 6

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    LinnCode: 2434 More Details
  • Guitar Pinata

    Guitar Pinata

    Large Guitar Pinata - ideal for any music themed event or for any music lover! Measures 72cm by 28cm.

    £13.67 each 4

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    LinnCode: 2581 More Details