Pirate Skull and Crossbones Cake

Yar me hearties, this pirate skull and crossbones cake be jus’ what the cap’n needs after a hard day digging up pieces of eight and drinking rum!

Pirate themed birthday parties are as popular today as ever, perhaps more so, with children loving to dress up and play pirate themed games. If your child is keen on pirates and pirate stories, or perhaps is having a pirate themed birthday party, then this skull and cross bones birthday cake will definitely go down better than Davy Jones’s locker.

This is effectively a two-tiered cake, made from either chocolate or vanilla sponge. With black and red stripes and detailing, this is a striking looking cake, and sitting right on top of it all is a pirate’s eye patch, complete with a pirate skull and cross bones. The more observant pirate amongst your child’s friends will spot the secret treasure map drawn on the side of the top tier. We suggest the birthday boy or girl gets the spot marked with the ‘X’!

A personalised message can be written to your budding little pirate, which will be written around the base. Avast behind! (and a bit tubby around the middle too.)

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