Shark Cake

Just when you thought it was safe to… turn up to the birthday party, here is Jaws himself, a fearsome looking sharp cake with more teeth than all of the children waiting to tuck into him.

If your child is having a sea themed birthday party, or is a fan of fish and sea life, this is a great choice of cake. However, in most cases we suspect that this scary shark cake is chosen because children love scary things. Monsters, the bogeyman, and sharks are all things children love to watch or think about, simply because they are scary.

This toothy shark birthday cake is definitely very real, with his sleek grey skin, dorsal fin, beady little black eyes and razor sharp looking teeth he is mounted on what looks very much like the ocean, giving the impression that he is swiftly and silently moving forwards, ready for the kill.

Fortunately this shark is made entirely of either chocolate or vanilla sponge, and he can come with a personalised message if you would like. This is definitely a cake with bite.

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Shark Cake

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